Outsource Software Development

for Swiss Companies in Hungary


Innodev Ltd. is a software development company in Hungary. We offer outsourced software development for Embedded and PC platforms for Swiss companies since 2009.
Have your quality software developed and tested in Hungary while still having a professional technology contact in Switzerland to help you to make and refine specifications, introduce the software, and solve problems on-site.

Hungary offers skilled software developers and testers at a competitive price in a close proximity to Switzerland.


Innodev Ltd works in close relationship with partner company Schweighoffer GmbH in Switzerland to give together professional IT technology services to Swiss clients.

Look at our References to see the list of Swiss companies that already selected us.


About Us

Innodev Ltd. is dedicated to outsourcing software development. The company is located in Hungary and works together with a partner company, Schweighoffer GmbH, in Switzerland. Our company's outsourcing strategy is on site presence in Switzerland for consultations and services while offering cost effective development abroad.

Embedded: Innodev Ltd. offers embedded software development for microcontrollers in C++. We have experience in Qt/QML development.

PC: Innodev Ltd. develops custom software solutions based on Windows platform using the latest .Net technologies and C#.

Mobile: If you need mobile application we can do it for Android and iOS using Xamarin cross platform development based on .Net and C#.

Testing: We apply Unit Testing and automated tests with test scripts.

Version Control: All our developments are backed with Git, Subversion, Mercurial.

Project Management: Used online platforms Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Youtrack. We have experience in development with scrum methods.



Innodev's team is the key for successfully providing high level offshore software development services and an ongoing relationship with our clients.

  • IT professionals graduated from top Hungarian universities and highschools
  • Language skills: English
  • Over 12 years of experience in outsourced software development






We are working on several embedded software projects on special hardware for BELIMO Automation AG, Switzerland. We meet BELIMO's high quality standards on the software side of their building automation devices. Innodev developed not only the device software (measurement, industrial bus connectivity, controls, etc.) but also the PC software to automatically test the device functionality by test scripts. We also made Android applications to test the NFC connectivity of the devices.


Development environment

  - Customized hardware

  - STM32 processor

  - IAR Workbench/VisualGDB development environment

  - C++/Python programming language

  - Customized middleware (SWAP)


  - High reliability of the software

  - Low development costs




We created MOBILEEngineer PC software that is a configuration, diagnostic and testing application for the MOBILE servo drives of BUCHER Hydraulics AG, Switzerland.

     MOBILEEngineer's main features

  • Written in C#.net
  • Communication with the servos over CAN, EtherCAT and serial bus 
  • Graphical trace functionality 
  • Custom user interface programming possibility with IronPython scripts